Discover our packaging solutions dedicated to the most exigent coffee roasters.

Gervalux™ range, an outstanding grease resistance for your coffee beans bags, Cristalline MC™, to enhance the transparency of your instant coffee lids or Gerstar™ to improve the appeal of your ground coffee bags thanks to an excellent printability.

Coffee bags inner and outer bags

Whether for the inner or outer bag, we propose solutions to address the different criteria to keep your product looking impeccable from the packing line line to your consumer’s home.

Instant coffee lids

Cristalline MC is a supercalendered paper suitable for sealing on glass and plastic rims, laminating to alufoil, OPP, PE, PET and varnishing. It offers superior transparency to show off the product inside

Single serve coffee sticks

Gerbier™ HDS is a coated paper (1 side) which is suitable for laminating with a variety of materials like Alufoil, OPP, PE, PET. It offers outstanding printability, smoothness and gloss for a sleek and upmarket feel on the shelf
Gerbier™ HDS 35 g/m2 is the lowest basis weight on the market, enabling more sustainable packaging while making no compromise on performance