Ahlstrom strengthens leadership in sustainable single-serve coffee materials market in Europe

PRESS RELEASE December 22nd 2016

Ahlstrom strengthens its leading position in Europe as a supplier of fully compostable infusion materials for single-serve coffee capsules thanks to two best in class coffee houses.

Ahlstrom will supply its unique solution made of poly lactic acid (PLA) and vegetable parchment to Caffe Vergnano in Italy and Cap Mundo in France.
The material is used for the patented Ahlstrom GreenCapsule top lid, which is a fully compostable and biodegradable alternative to the common aluminum lid in coffee capsules. It combines optimum extraction for a perfect espresso with lower environmental foot print.

Roughly ten billion single-serve coffee capsules are consumed in Europe annually, while currently less than 5% of the capsules are made from compostable and biodegradable materials.

In the dynamic single serve market (global CAGR ‘14-’15, +13%), more and more coffee houses are looking for compostable alternatives to differentiate their offer and answer to end users concerns about the environmental impact of the capsules systems.
A strong market demand combined with a technology that doesn’t compromise on the brewing results are the pillars supporting a double digits growth of this segment that is expect to double its size in 2017.

The Ahlstrom GreenCapsule won the “best new packaging in coffee 2016” award at the World of Coffee exhibition in Dublin, Ireland. Ahlstrom produces PLA-based materials, which can be also used in tea bags and other food packaging solutions, at its plant in Chirnside in the U.K.


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